Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandma would be proud

Well, my new knitting blog is up and running. I've posted two patterns so far, one for the freakin cool gauntlets you see below, and one for a pair of baby legwarmers I've pre-emptively made for my pending spawn. I'm working on a baby blanket right now; that should be coming next week-ish. Blankets are time consuming, bitches. Also apparently Brittany wants arm-length gauntlets, so I'll have to work something up for that needy whore too.

So the blog is, and I've already been linked on one of those web-wide pattern clearing house sites that I like to stalk on a near-daily basis for inspiration. Knitting Pattern Central has posted links to both patterns. Not that it takes great talent to get linked there, but I'm still stoked.

In more good news, Brittany has recently emerged from the giant rock she was living under for several months (she got a new computer). I'm sure as soon as she gets a break from work she'll return to her number one priority. I'm sure.