Monday, November 15, 2010

Worst. s-i-l. Ever.

Yeah, I’m kind of an ass. My brother in law had a birthday in September, 2 days after mine so I’m sure to always remember it, and I totally dropped the ball on getting his present finished on time. Cuz I suck. In my defense, just going through the motions of propelling myself around with the use of my legs and feet was enough of a challenge for me in the first trimester, let alone finishing any knitting projects. I didn’t pick up the needles for like 2 months. It was weird.

But I finally finished the project a few weeks ago, right before a major computer meltdown (of course). And here it is. A totally badass guitar strap for my musically-inclined brother in law, who had been reduced to using a piece of string when he wanted to keep his guitar affixed to his person.

I got the underlying guitar strap from a pawn shop. I was prepared to pay some American dollars for it, but the nice lady gave it to me for free. Probably just to get rid of the hideous thing, which we found at the bottom of a box of mismatched golf gloves and pieces of velcro. If Trevor is ever to remove the lovely knitted cover of his new guitar strap, he will see various airbrushed, pastel-toned shapely women’s legs decorating the canvas. Similar to the lamp in A Christmas Story, only not as tasteful.

The cool thing is that the leather pieces on each side that connect the strap to the guitar are red rather than the usual black, so it’s a bit more interesting when they peek through. I knitted a sock-slash-slipcover using grey and dark blue worsted wool in stripes. It was knitted on the round so there was no seaming required, and the freebie guitar strap was just pulled right through.

And if he ever decides he prefers the 1980s style shapely female appendages to the stripes, he can always take the slipcover off and use it as a scarf. Bonus.


  1. Trevor's favorite acoustic now has a strap. Which means he can stand in the kitchen playing it and basically getting all up in my bidniss. Thank you for making my husband more annoying.

    And just a reminder: he got you Dune for your birthday. A nerdy sci-fi book wont be earning him any B.I.L of the year awards anytime soon.

  2. My ultimate goal is to make your life more difficult. It's just always been that way.

    I'll have to start that book soon. Cuz I'm a nerd.

  3. It reminds me of the good old grunge days.

  4. Is this like the time you promised me a hat for naming your blog, and then I got no such hat? Poor me.

  5. send Kristie a fucking hat dude.

  6. Kristie gets a hat? Well shit dude, that's no problem. Kristie - what's your address and your favorite color? I will make this better.