Friday, September 3, 2010

Turd Ferguson gets off the couch...but just for a minute

Lookit me, I did something productive. My pregnancy cravings so far have been incredibly boring and somewhat embarassing. Soup is the biggest thing, all kinds of soup. Including condensed, fresh and steaming from the microwave. And it’s summer. But when I feel kinda classy, I am ravenous for thai food. There’s a place near my house (proximity is a must at this point) that makes fantastic spring rolls, and I crave them fortnightly.

CK is not a big fan of thai food, which, yes, has put a burden on our marriage at times. I could eat it every day, but he gets saturated after our quarterly visit. Thus, I either do the take-out thing while he eats his own food, or we have to figure something else out. Like this homemade spring roll.

It’s not as good as the restaurant version. Appropriate zesty dipping sauces really make a difference there. I didn’t have enough energy to make peanut sauce after standing and chopping vegetables assembly-line style, and we were out of hoisin. So I had to make due with soy and some leftover wasabiyaki. Also, the restaurant version is rolled much tighter. I don’t know how they do that. I think I was nervous about puncturing the rice paper and rolled them too gently.

Aside from that, they were basically the same as the restaurant’s. Very simple, not fussy with the innards. Lettuce, rice noodles, a strip of baked tofu, and matchstick cuts of carrots (from the garden, ooh) and cucumber. I changed it up by adding a slice of avocado, cuz I live life on the edge. Cilantro would have been good too, and I’ve had it in other versions, but I didn’t have any.

This held me over for a few days, but I’m already feeling the urge to go back for their rolls, and maybe some fried tofu stir fry. I just can’t duplicate their fried tofu.

Hey, maybe I’ll stand in front of the stove to make dinner next week. We’ll see.


  1. I will come and play with you and we will go to thai food. Whatever gets you to eat. Trevor is pulling the whole "I'm sick of pho viet ahn" thing as well, which makes me want to call a divorce lawyer.

  2. Why do our husbands have such annoying palates? If I lived so close to that place it would be dinner at least once a week. Oh god, I totally want pho bitch.

    We'll have to play very soon cuz I'm hungry.

  3. I ate the shit outta some Thai food when I was preggo. Until I got the 'betus, that is. Then it was banned.

  4. Jesus. What is it with all you blogging chicks getting knocked up all over the place? Honestly. It's like you all had a meeting where you said "how can we become even more self-involved and solipsistic?"

    Our doula told us that a weensy bit of weed was good for nausea, even though it sounds like that's over. But it's probably just as well, since you surely would have caught scabies from Brittany's filthy bong. Hey, I have a freezer full of lamb pho. You should try it.

  5. Darn, too late. Thanks Peter.

    At this point, I will take any kind of pho. Even the kind that gives you the poops right after, cuz the shithole restaurant re-uses the same broth every day. Even that would be nice right about now.